Black Cuttlefish Balls 墨魚丸

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425.00 Grams

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Black Cuttlefish Balls 墨魚丸 425 grams

來自台灣高雄的墨魚丸採用100%新鮮每日現打花枝漿搭配醇厚的墨魚汁精製而成. 口口吃得到滿滿花枝的濃郁海味!以及墨魚汁的特殊香氣. 咬一口就看得到裡面充滿白嫩嫩的花枝肉塊. 墨魚丸加熱即時/料理超方便,下幾顆即可讓吃鍋喝湯更增添風味. 丸類產品是為最適合煮婦煮夫們的冷凍常備品,無須解凍. 是火鍋或關東煮的最佳選擇!

The cuttlefish balls from Kaohsiung, Taiwan are made with fresh cuttlefish and cuttlefish ink. Filled with the special cuttlefish ink aroma. You can see the white and tender pieces of meat inside when you take a bite. Cuttlefish balls can be heated instantly so cooking is super convenient. Frozen ready-to-eat items, no need to thaw. It's the best choice for hot pot or oden!

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