Brown Sugar Ginger Tea (with Longan & Red Dates) (10 blocks) 九份黃金茶鋪四合一黑糖桂圓紅棗薑母茶 (大顆10入)

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500.00 Grams

Product Description

4 in 1 Brown Sugar Ginger Tea (with Longan and Red Dates) (10 blocks)

The first authentic ginger tea shop from Jiufen, Taiwan. Strictly selected Taiwan's natural local ingredients, real materials, and spicy taste invite you to taste. Manufactured with the highest quality certification from SGS, ISO22000 and HACCP standards.
Pour 500-600 ml of hot water with each cube, stir and enjoy your drink! (The amount of water can be adjust for personal taste) They go really well when cooked with Kudo's small rice balls (tangyuan).

Ingredients:Ginger, Brown sugar, Longan, Red date
Weight:500 grams ±5% (10 pieces)
Expiry Date:1 year
Storage:Keep in a cool and dry place.
Country of origin:Taiwan


來自台灣九份第一家正宗薑母茶舖。嚴選台灣的天然在地食材,真材實料,辛辣的口感邀您來品嚐。九份黃金茶鋪通過SGS食品安全測驗, 無農藥殘留.
食用方法: 從包裝取出, 放入杯子或鍋子, 加入 500-600cc 熱開水, 化開後即可享用. 可以加入地瓜或小湯圓一起享用.
茶磚重量:500g±5% (大顆10入)
產  地:臺灣

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