Cuttlefish Balls (24 balls) 阿忠花枝丸

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600.00 Grams

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One bite makes a world a difference. That's because you'll find actual chunks of real cuttlefish inside each and every Azhon cuttlefish balls. Yong Xiang Seafood created the "Azhong" brand for more than thirty years. It has won the "National Consumer Gold Medal Award" issued by the Consumers Association of Taiwan.

"Penghu Cuttlefish ball" is well-known and Azhong is the leader in this industry because it adheres to the refinement of fresh cuttlefish ingredients, strict quality control, without adding MSG. The product contains absolutely no preservatives or borax like other brands.

Recipe: After thawing, cook in Hot Pot and soups. Also great with stir-fry and vegetables. Also try frying it with cooking oil in a air fryer for about 15 minutes or until the you reach the golden color.

Packaging: Comes frozen in a bag with 24 pieces.

「永翔海產」秉持一步一腳印,自創「阿忠」品牌行銷三十多年, 曾榮獲中華民國消費者協會頒發之「全國消費金牌獎」。

「澎湖花枝丸」遠近馳名,其中更以阿忠為翹楚,皆因秉持著以新鮮花枝精製成漿,  咬勁十足,  嚴格的品質監控,不添加味精, 沒添加魚漿,  每一口都可吃到鮮甜得花枝塊!  


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