Kelp Seaweed Knots 海帶結

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Kelp Seaweed Knots 海帶結

Certified Organic Kelp similar to Japanese kombu. Low temperature dried enzyme active. Contains a natural substance that enhances flavor and tenderizes other protiens. Tested and free of chemicals, heavy metals, petroleums, radioactivities, and microbiological contaminants. Meets all OCIA organic standards for sustainable harvesting and handling. Product of China. Excellent source of Iron, Calcium, Iodine, Vitamin B6, B12, and Magnesium.

Our wild Kelp comes to you without processing or washing out any of the mineral richness. Please check for occasional tiny hidden pebbles or shells in the fronds. Some plants may be partially covered with a white powder of natural salts and sugars that precipitate from their cells during storage. Don't worry, this is normal as as occasional spots on the fringers of more mature fronts. Keep unsused kep in ziplock bags and out of extreme light, heat or moisture.

Basic Prep - Kelp expands about 100% in liquid and will absorb up to 10 time its weight. Uncooked kelp is chewy until soaked or marinated. To fully tenderize, simmer 15-20 minutes pressure cook 5 minutes.

Kelp in Soups or Beans - Natural glutamates in kelp will enhance flavor and tenderize high-protein foods like beans. Replace chicken or beef stock with kelp stock. Simmer a strip per quart of liquid at least 8 minutes and remove if desired. No need to add salt. Leave kelp in for richer broth or remove, chop and reintroduce as part of your soup or beans.

Kelp in Salads - Contributes broad minearl nutrition to your greens. Tenderize kelp by soaking (1 hr.), marinating (1-24 hrs), blanching, roasting or panfrying. Add dry kelp to any pickle recipe for a sea treat.

海帶結需先用水泡發半小時到一小時. 可煮湯, 紅燒, 滷, 火鍋....

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