Pancake Wraps (10pcs) 蛋餅皮

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Pancake wrapst are a traditional Taiwanese breakfast when rolled with an egg. Place one sheet of the pancake wrap on a skillet with some oil and add an egg on top. Then roll the pancake into a burrito size. You can also add ham and cheese to make this into a burrito melt. This package includes 10 wraps. This item does not contain eggs.

*工廠通過ISO 22000, HACCP食品安全認證*

(Expiration Date 11/18/2022)


1.本品無需解凍可直接料理 2. 放在平底鍋上稍微加熱(不加油)或電鍋蒸熱,可做春捲等。 3.平底鍋,放油,蛋打散放入鍋內(可加蛋皮、薄肉片、火腿、蔬菜、或起司片等配料)鋪上餅皮,捲起即成蛋餅

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