Sticky Salted Rice Balls (16pcs) 三角鹹湯圓(兩包)

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Sticky Salted Rice Balls (16pcs) 三角鹹湯圓(兩包)

The skin of the triangular rice balls is made of glutinous rice, and the rice balls have soft Q elastic texture. A must eat desert during the Yuan Xiao Festival (aka Lantern Festival). * Factory passed ISO 22000, HACCP food safety certification * [Eating method]
After the water is boiled, put it into the rice balls and change to medium-low heat to continue cooking. After the rice balls float (about 5-6 minutes), you can eat or add red bean soup, and brewed rice wine. Contains shrimp. Packaging: 8 pieces / bag, 2 bags total

三角形湯圓的外皮是糯米製作而成, 湯圓外皮軟Q彈牙。 *工廠通過ISO 22000, HACCP食品安全認證* [食用方法] 將水煮開後,置入湯圓改中小火續煮,待湯圓浮起(約5-6分鐘),加入油蔥酥、青菜、調味料即可。

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