Taiwan Seedless Dried Plum 順泰化核李

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180.00 Grams

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Taiwan Seedless Dried Plum 順泰化核應子

Taiwan seedless dry plums are a little sour, sweet, and salty. A delicious snack for any time. Shun Tai was founded in 1937. For over 80 years, Shun Tai has been insisting on preserving the traditional tastes. *Factory passed ISO 22000, HACCP food safety certification.

順泰化核李, 鹹酸甜滋味, 隨手輕鬆好吃! 順泰蜜餞創立於1937年. 品牌成立至今80年, 一直堅持保留傳統口味. *工廠通過SGS, HACCP, HALA食品安全認證*

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