Vegetarian Hericium Soup 大順麻油養生猴頭菇【純素】

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800.00 Grams

Product Description

Fresh and tender mushrooms (Hericium Erinaceus) are boiled with premium sesame oil, ginger and our exclusive Chinese herbs into a rich flavor soup. This nourishing soup is great all year round. Dah-shuen was formed back in 1971. It is known for all kinds of vegetarian food products made with RO reverse osmosis pure water.

*The factory has passed ISO 9001 and HACCP inspection to ensure safety and quality.

[Eating method] Heat and ready to eat.

以上等麻油與老薑加入獨家中藥材 調配熬煮而成的濃郁湯頭 加入以獨家工法去除苦味的猴頭菇 菇質鮮嫩、味香鮮美 撲鼻的麻油香,喝起來溫暖十足 只要簡單加熱即可輕鬆享用 即使夏天吃也不燥熱喔 是您養身滋補的絕佳選擇! 大順創立於1971年. 100%素食製品, 嚴格品質控制與管理, 全程採用RO逆滲透純水

通過ISO 9001國際品質管理驗證, 通過HACCP國際食品衛生安全系統驗證。