Yari-Ika Spear Squid 透抽鮮魷魚(中卷 2 隻 )

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Product Description

Yari-Ika Spear Squid 透抽鮮魷魚(中卷 )

Fresh and delicious squid. Very suitable for cold salad and hot stir fry~

● Frozen immediately after catching, the crystal clear appearance is proof of freshness!

● Variety of ways to cook, low fat content, containing EPA, DHA

● Rich in minerals and vitamin taurine.

Each bag comes witn 2 whole pieces of uncleaned squid. The total average weight is about 9-10 oz per bag.



新鮮, 美味, Q彈好吃的透抽,涼拌, 熱炒都非常適合~

● 捕撈後立刻冷凍保鮮,晶瑩剔透的外觀是新鮮的證明!

● 料理多變化、脂肪含量低、含有EPA、DHA

● 含有豐富的礦物質、維生素牛磺酸。

每個袋子都有 2條整塊未清洗的魷魚。總平均重量約為每袋 9-10 oz。