Kudo 100% Pure Red Grapefruit Juice 冷凍新鮮紅葡萄柚汁

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950.00 Grams

Product Description

Kudo 100% Pure Red Grapefruit Juice 冷凍新鮮紅葡萄柚汁

Kudo's Pure Red Grapefruit Juice is known for its 100% pure NFC juice. This mean there are no additives such as sugar, water, or any other additives. It is Not from a Concentrated juice also known as NFC Juice. It's 100% pure cold pressed juice.

Top reasons why our Kudo NFC Juices taste better

  • hand picked grapefruit
  • cold pressed
  • no preservatives or additives
  • not-from-concentrate
  • quickly freezed to maintain freshness

Kudo produces several different Taiwanese pure juices. These include lemon juice, lime juice, passion fruit juice, sugarcane juice, grapefruit juice, kumquat juice, red guava. It's no different than eating a fruit picked from the tree. Kudo juices are 100% cold pressed and quickly freezed to maintain the original flavors and fragrance you'll find from Taiwan's tropical fruits. You will not taste any chemicals and preservative in our juices like all others on the marketplace. This is why our juices are chosen and trusted by many major boba milk tea brands, restaurants, and bars around the world.

It's normal to see darker yellow colors with lemon juice. Each bottle and batch are cold pressed without artificial coloring. Always thaw fully and shake well before use for a consistent flavor.

Restaurants and Boba Tea Shops please contact us for wholesale prices.

Ask us for a shipping quote. We ship with foam containers and so your juices will arrive cold.

100%台灣本島鮮榨紅葡萄柚汁天然果汁,新鮮紅葡萄柚鮮榨, 急速冷凍保鮮品質穩定. Kudo紅葡萄柚汁是新鮮,純天然健康飲品, 許多知名波霸奶茶店的首選.

無添加任何防腐劑及其他任何添加物,如水, 糖… 百分之百的純汁 ~ 保證非濃縮還原果汁