Greenland Halibut Steak 鱈魚排 (扁鱈/格林蘭比目魚)

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320.00 Grams

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頂級格陵蘭大比目魚厚切片, 無肚洞, 俗稱扁鱈魚. 源自格陵蘭深海捕捉. 含豐富蛋白質, 維生素A, 維生素D, 鈣, 磷, 鉀等營養成分. 肉質滑嫩, 口感細膩. 肉多刺少, 適合蒸, 炒, 烤,煎.

*工廠通過 FDA, ISO22000, HACCP食品安全認證*


Premium frozen Greenland Halibut steaks. These are wild caught from Greenland. They come with a slightly sweater taste than Cod fish but with excellent lean, softer, and flaky texture that is easy to cook in many ways.

- Good source of omega 3s, Vitamin D, B-6, B-12, and potassium.

- Low in fat and sodium

- Good source of protein

- Individually vacuum sealed

The halibut is flash frozen immediately after they are caught to maintain the freshest possible quality. This means they are fresher than live fish which is pretty much unheard of these days. Our Halibut steaks are processed from a FDA registered facility at the highest level of safety which includes HACCP and ISO22000 Certification. Net Weight is 280 - 360 grams each.