Taiwan Fresh Sweet Fish 台灣生凍吻仔魚

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150.00 Grams

Product Description

Using Japan's exclusive high-tech Cells Alive System technology, the unique freezing method keeps the water molecules of the sweet fish intact, avoiding the rupture of the cell membrane during freezing, and the loss of nutrients and water. The freshness, nutrition and original taste of the sweet fish is sealed after freezing. Sweet fish meat is soft and tender, rich in nutrition, it is most suitable for babies and elders to eat. It is often used to cook porridge or soup.


每一口吻仔魚都軟嫩鮮甜! 安永鮮物,採用日本獨家高科技細胞活存(Cells Alive System)技術,獨特冷凍法讓吻仔魚水分子完整保留,避免冷凍時細胞膜破裂,營養水分流失,急凍完封保鮮,鎖住吻仔魚原有口感與最大化保留營養! 鈣含量是在魚類中最高的. 吻仔魚肉質軟嫩,營養豐富,最適合寶貝和長輩吃. 常用來煮粥或煮湯.