Taiwan Pearl Grouper (Whole Fish - Cleaned) 台灣珍珠龍虎石斑全魚 - 三清

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550.00 Grams

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Taiwan Pearl Grouper (Whole Fish - Cleaned) 台灣珍珠龍虎石斑全魚 - 三清

Taiwan pearl grouper has a lot of gelatin, the meat is plump and juicy, and the taste is rich and elastic. Whether frying, boiling, roasting or frying, it can present a variety of tastes, it is worth a try!

☆ Ultra-low temperature treatment to keep the most original umami and ensure safety and hygiene.

☆ Cleaned (descales, gills and internal organs) for convenient cooking.


☆ 超低溫處理,保有最原始的鮮味,確保安全衛生。

☆ 殺清(去鱗去鰓去內臟)處理,方便料理。

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