Taiwanese Tempura Fish Stick 基隆天婦羅 / 甜不辣 (條)

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454.00 Grams

Product Description

Tempura is a very common hot pot ingredient in Taiwan. It is also delicious if you deep fry, pan fry, stir fry, or barbeque. Our tempura has a springy texture, made with high quality / proportion of fish paste.

It is a must try from Keelung, Taiwan. Pair it with our Peanut Chili Sauce for and unforgetable taste of autentic Taiwanese street food.

*Factory passed ISO 22000, HACCP food safety certification.

Deep fry at 350 - 375 degrees temps for 2-3 minutes only. Serve as is or dip in Peanut Chili Sauce

條狀的天婦羅,跟片狀的天婦羅一樣,也是台灣的傳統美食。 美味可口,通常可用在涮涮鍋、鍋燒麵、關東煮、韓式辣炒年糕還有燒烤中。充滿洋蔥香氣、口感Q彈、用料實在,所有製程均通過HACCP與ISO22000的國際食品衛生安全認證。