Korean Style Fish Cake 韓式魚板

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240.00 Grams

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Korean Style Fish Cake 韓式魚板

Select top-quality shrimps, green onions, carrots and other ingredients, hand-wrapped with a thin layer of tofu skin, fried to a golden outer skin, crispy texture, and firm and plump inside.

Cooking method: No need to defrost, put directly into the oil pan or air fry and fry about 6-8 minutes.

*Factory passed ISO22000, HACCP food safety certification.


採用獨門魚漿及洋蔥混合, 使鮮甜味更加提升, 成型後油炸至表金黃, 口感軟糯鮮甜, 每口都能品嘗到濃濃的魚香. 只需簡易烹飪: 煮, 火鍋, 煎, 烤, 炒. 即可食用的美味.

* 工廠通過 ISO22000, HACCP食品安全認證.