Whitebait - Ayu Female w/ Fish Roe 湧泉抱卵母香魚(四條)

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Product Description

A gourmet favourite! A selection not to be missed! Ayu can be salt-baked or dry-fried, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a sweet smell.

Pan Fry Method:

1) Wash the fish first with water and apply salt

2) Heat the pan and put oil in it, put the fish in after the oil is hot, fry the fish skin until the surface is crispy and then change the side to fry

3) After both sides are yellow crispy.


安永嚴選-宜蘭湧泉抱卵母香魚】 老饕最愛! 不容錯過的精選佳品! 盛產於秋季,享受當令美味趁現在. 可鹽烤或乾煎香魚,外酥內軟,氣息香甜.

乾煎做法: 1)香魚先清水洗淨抹鹽 2)熱鍋後放油, 待油熱後將香魚放入, 魚皮煎面酥黃即可換面煎 3) 待兩側煎黃後, 再持續煎熟即可