Swordfish Mushroom Balls 香菇旗魚丸

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600.00 Grams

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Swordfish Mushroom Balls 

Ou Dong carefully selects the top-quality mushrooms from Xinshe, Taiwan. Since the growth period of Heizaodong mushrooms is winter, the slow growth can better preserve the rich aroma and rich nutritional value of shiitake mushrooms. The sweet and fresh shiitake mushrooms are dried by green energy. Then combined with the swordfish paste crushed by the craftsman, a sea-land waltz on the taste buds is in full swing. Cooking method: Put it into boiling water 5 minutes until floats. Best for hot pot or soups. *Factory passed ISO22000, HACCP food safety certification.


歐董嚴選台灣中部桃花源-新社的頂級黑早冬菇,由於黑早東菇生長期為冬季,成長緩慢更能完整保留香菇濃郁香氣以及豐富的營養價值,清甜的完整鮮香菇經綠能烘乾後再結合匠師擂潰的旗魚漿,當來自海拔1000公尺上高峰的清香遇上深海劍客(旗魚)的鮮甜, 一場味蕾上的海陸華爾滋正如火如荼地進行著。