Cuttlefish and Shrimp Roll 千張花枝蝦

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350.00 Grams

Product Description

Select high quality shrimps and cuttlefish,hand-wrapped with thin tofu skins. It is convenient for cooking and is a good choice for dinner, late night snacks and snacks.

1. Refrigerate and thaw to a semi-thawed state, no need to thaw too soft.

2. Frying: Fry the shrimp rolls at 300 degrees over low heat for about 4-6 minutes until the shrimp rolls turn golden brown and then serve (remember to control the oil temperature and turn the shrimp rolls in time to make the shrimp rolls evenly colored)

3. Air fryer: Spray oil evenly on both sides of the shrimp rolls. Set the air fryer to 325 degrees for 4 minutes. Turn over and set to 350 degrees for 5 minutes. Once golden brown, you can eat it.

(The cooking time depends on the power of your fryer's brand, please adjust the cooking time yourself.)


精選蝦界LV等級藍鑽蝦仁與Q彈花枝,肉質碩大肥美、口感Q彈. 以千張豆皮手工包裹. 方便料理,是正餐、宵夜、點心的好選擇。

1. 冷藏解凍至半解凍狀態,無須解凍過軟

2. 油炸: 以300度油溫小火炸約4-6分鐘待蝦捲呈金黃色即可食用(切記控制油溫,適時翻動使蝦捲均勻上色)

3. 氣炸鍋:將花枝蝦卷雙面均勻噴油,氣炸鍋設定325度4分鐘,翻面後再設定350度5分鐘,呈金黃色即可食用


*工廠通過 ISO22000, HACCP食品安全認證.