Cuttlefish Shrimp Steak 花枝蝦排 (12塊)

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540.00 Grams

Product Description

The 30-year-old shop has inherited the unique flavor and taste. The squid shrimp steak is made of high-grade squid and sweet royal blue diamond shrimp, and is hand-wrapped with selected bread flour by the master chef. The taste is full of chewy, naturally fresh and sweet seafood, and crispy crust. Each piece is thick and full of taste. Comes with 2 sauce packs.

Specifications: 12 pieces/pack, 540 grams in total
Net weight of sauce bag: 25 grams/bag 

*Factory passed ISO22000, HACCP food safety certification.

Cooking method: After half-thawing, deep-fry on low heat until it floats and turns golden brown


興達港歐董三十年老店傳承了獨特的風味與口感. 花枝蝦排採用高檔花枝與鮮甜皇室御用藍鑽蝦仁,經老師傅手工裹上精選麵包粉, 口感充滿嚼勁自然呈現鮮甜海味、脆爽多層次, 每塊都厚實飽滿.

規格:12片/包 共540公克
醬包淨重:25公克/包 (2入)

* 工廠通過 ISO22000, HACCP食品安全認證.