Salted Threadfin 午仔魚一夜干

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280.00 Grams

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Under strict quality control, the Threadfin or Wuzai fish is processed into delicious thin salt and dried overnight. The meat is fragrant, delicate and sweet. The meat is is delicate and sweet and lightly salted for an all natural flavor. Recipe: Great when grilled. Air fryer suitable. Packaging: Whole fish gutted and cleaned comes frozen in vacuum sealed bag, processed from a FDA registered facility at the highest level of safety which includes HACCP and ISO22000 Certification.

午仔魚在嚴格的品質管控下,加工成美味的薄鹽一夜幹。肉質芬芳細膩鮮甜。無論煎、烤,Air Fry都很適合。絕無土味, 肉質細膩鮮甜, 薄鹽風味 ☆超低溫真空處理,保有最原始的鮮味,確保安全衛生。



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